Janet wears ABRA shoes

Janet - abra

What shoes are you wearing?

I'm wearing Via Nova Lite Abra in Navy, size 41


Why do you like them?

I use orthotics and I have a large shoe size so shopping for shoes that fit (and I can wear all day long!) is tricky…. Options are very limited and normally the colours and styles are daggy or old-fashioned. 


I love Via Nova Lite shoes because they are just so comfortable! I can take out the insole and put in my orthotics and walk in them all day long. I also like that there is a nice variety of colours and the styles are modern. The Abra for example have these cute cutouts that are great for summer.  Janet - abra2


With what do you wear them?

Casual pants and shirts. I can work in them at the office or casual dressing on the weekends